Innovation Redesigned

Innovate deep value.

Building the new is not enough. There is no wisdom in sustaining business as usual, when we can design businesses aligned to futures.

Your processes & values are assets to be designed.

Through research & cooperative development, we help you build:

  • Product & brand portfolios
  • User experience & product processes
  • Organizational values & skills assessment
  • Collaborative innovation teams
  • Team decision processes

We facilitate true collaboration for strategic design & decision making. We work & train your team from a unique portfolio of methods of Dialogic Design.

There are no Onesizefitsall solutions. Every company’s resources and values differ, as well as industry structure, product lines, & customer needs. Innovation strategy is business strategy, leveraging unique internal resources for sustainable advantage that cannot be copied.

Strategic Foresight & Innovation

Our simple process for leading innovation strategy.

  1. Envision Alternative Futures.
  2. Organize Platform
  3. Design to Intercept the Preferred Future


Foresight-led Innovation

A methods map to envision futures and co-create design options.

Foresight for Innovation

Redesign's unique methodologies:

  • Strategic Roadmapping - Synthesis Maps
  • Structured Dialogic DesignSM
  • Future Co-laboratories
  • Team Design for collaborative development

Organizational Innovation

Creating a Customer Experience Culture

Socialization Embedding the customer experience within learning, practices & routines. Aligned collaboration from field research to decisionmaking.

Bottom-up infusion of practice capacity, starting with one project, working toward shared processes.

Designing the Flourishing Enterprise

Our business modeling system for co-creating strongly sustainable enterprises fosters whole system flourishing across ecosystems and vibrant social systems. Find our SSBMG research group at sLab.



Appetite for Disruption

Technogenic Cultures - MEA 2014

What is a “Problem,” Really?