All Design is Redesign

Anything designed well for a purpose redesigns the practices that preceded it. New services and systems change our organizatons & the way we work - consider how your design partners & methods match your values.

From UX to service systems, we discover & design for human connection to media, experience & information.

Design Practices

Redesign leads design & research teams to co-create & validate market leading information-based products & services in business, healthcare, & public services.

To do our job well, we consult to help organizations establish & socialize customer-centered practices to build a culture of human-centred innovation. If we do our job well, your organization will perform significantly better in future design and innovation programs.

Redesign as a Service.

Redesign leads your team to envision and develop strategy & concept for product and services innovation. We define, design, and evaluate interactive services, typically as partners with the client team.

Product, service, and system design are informed by a researched understanding of human activity and organizational contexts. Breakthroughs emerge from prototyping alternatives that meet sociotechnical requirements and power the business model, guided by user observation.

Our design-to-delivery process can guide or merge with yours.

Every stage starts broad - by learning, we focus toward insight.

, We start by learning together, scanning, framing & field research.
Explore. We explore practice, opportunities & concepts in early prototypes.
Design. With your team we co-create product/service/system for context.
Evaluate. Design and test, revise, repeat - iterative evaluation is designing.


Systemic Design

Our approach to service design & research draws on methods from systemic design, developed from teaching & research in OCAD University's Strategic Foresight & Innovation MDes program.

Complex projects require methods that satisfy variety for design. Ask us to teach you about these 10:

Framing Finding the right problem

Co-creation Participatory design

  Finding meaning

Sketching the system

Multiple re-versions      

with customers

& "probe-typing"

 User critiques

& mock-ups

Scenarios & foresight

Find more collaborative work and projects at OCADU Strategic Innovation Lab and the Systemic Design Research Network.