All Design is Redesign

Redesign conducts innovation research & total lifecycle design for systems & services.

Your team joins the research journey to build a shared understanding of the experience we're designing for. Together we decide what level of "redesign" - from feature to system - is right for your market or community.

We fulfill the promise of collaborative innovation by advising, designing and convening new practices for thinking and organizing. We help transform your users' work and your organization.

Research insight across the decision cycle. We help you achieve a successful total lifecycle of design and development for complex products and services.

Redesign is Research

We’re confident of the quality and durability of our research work, and publish case studies, articles, and presentations from current projects.

Partners and Communities

Located in Toronto and Dayton, Redesign inter-networks & scales through working with global communities, practice centres, & partnerships.

The systems thinking school of Dialogic Design informs our organizational and strategic design work.

Agoras Institute A US non-profit liberating democracy through new agoras for leading change.

Design Dialogues A partnership that leads systems-level enterprise change with strategic dialogue.

Design with Dialogue A creative community of practice for creating and practicing dialogue in design.